Dave Horrigan, COO


Dave Horrigan is a marine R&D engineer (subsea specialty) with over 40 years of experience in the designing and building of complex devices and systems.  Mr. Horrigan has managed fleets of ships as a chief engineer for a wide variety of organizations including Invader Cruises Ship Lines, BC Packers fishing feet and Horton Maritime Exploration (submarines). Mr. Horrigan founded and established Horrigan Labs, a high tech incubator, and Admiral Fluidics, an advanced marine propulsion company.  He served as Chairman of the Marine Technology Society (San Diego) and Treasurer of the Deep Submersible Pilots Association. Mr. Horrigan has won numerous awards for his breakthrough inventions, and is a published author.



George Crall, CEO


George Crall has managed major infrastructure and industrial engineering and construction projects for over 50 years. He designed and constructed major water intake and distribution facilities including a water intake facility on the Caspian Sea, water intake projects on the Susquehanna River and Lake Michigan, and the construction of a crude oil pipeline from the Orinoco Basin the a refinery and port on the north coast of Venezuela. Additionally, he managed multi-billion dollar American and foreign engineering and construction teams. Mr. Crall was the president of CF Braun Constructors, Inc., a worldwide EPC firm. Mr. Crall graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point with a BS degree in engineering and is a retired Marine Corp Colonel.

Larry Rosenblatt, Managing Director


Larry Rosenblatt served as Vice President in ExxonMobil with responsibilities for Exploration & Production, LNG Project Development, Power, and Global Gas & Power, and has over thirty-eight years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Prior to that, Mr. Rosenblatt held executive positions in project capture and development for oil and gas opportunities in the Middle East, LNG development and project management, natural gas operations, as well as crude oil and petroleum product supply, trading, and transportation. He coordinated development activities related to ExxonMobil’s activities for all Qatar projects. Mr. Rosenblatt received his Bachelor’s degree from Princeton University in Civil Engineering and his Master’s degree in Management Science for the University of Southern California.



Contact Information


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